E.M. “Mick” Kolassa Receives 2008 Dan Nimer Award

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CHICAGO, IL ― June 10, 2008 ― Members of the PriceX Advisory Board presented E.M. “Mick” Kolassa with the annual Dan Nimer Award at the 21st Annual PriceX Conference, held this week in Chicago.  Dr. Kolassa is CEO and Partner at Medical Marketing Economics, a consulting firm he founded in 2002.  Mick has over 25 years of experience in pricing.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy Administration in the School of Pharmacy and Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical Business at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Dr. Kolassa’s first book, Elements of Pharmaceutical Pricing, is the only management-oriented book available on that topic.

The Dan Nimer Award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of pricing.  The award is bestowed upon a pricing professional who has helped advance the field through demonstrated original thinking, challenging the status quo, and contributions to the body of pricing knowledge through publications and/or presentations of pricing ideas in public forums.

The central purpose of the award is to continue the work of its namesake and first recipient by acknowledging those who “push the envelope” of pricing and move it toward the forefront of corporate and academic attention.  Recipients of the award are selected by a majority vote, conducted by secret ballot, of the PriceX Advisory Board.  The award is given to an individual who has demonstrated contributions to pricing through:

PRACTICE: Pricing practice is the application of pricing concepts and theories.  Practitioners may earn the Nimer Award by managing a pricing function and imposing pricing discipline in an organization and, through presentations or publications of case studies and recounting the efforts, helping others to do the same within their organizations.  In cases where corporate policies prohibit the presentation or publication of such information by the individual, testimonials and presentations of the efforts by others will be sufficient to document the achievement.
THEORY: The field of pricing is advanced through original thought that challenges the status quo.  The development of original theories and concepts or significant refinement of long-standing concepts that help pricing practitioners to be more efficient and effective in their jobs is the key to advancing the field of pricing.  Individuals who have made significant contributions to original pricing thought will be eligible to receive the Nimer Award.  This will be demonstrated through publications and presentations through which the thoughts are disseminated and adopted.
TEACHING:Training those charged with pricing responsibilities and preparing students for work in the field of pricing is essential to advancing the profession.  Individuals who have demonstrated effectiveness in the teaching of pricing concepts and practices in academic institutions and/or public seminars will be eligible to receive the Nimer Award.  Achievement in this area will be documented through the testimonials of past students and the achievements of those students in the pricing profession.
RESEARCH: Applied research in the areas of price sensitivity, economic decision making, buyer behavior, and other topics that advance the understanding of pricing and its role in purchasing, selling, and corporate performance provides the opportunity to test and confirm pricing theories and concepts.  Individuals with a consistent record of ongoing research that contributes to an understanding of pricing will be considered for the Nimer Award.  This will be demonstrated through the publication and presentation of the results of this research and the adoption of the principles and techniques by other practitioners.

Nominations for the Nimer Award are solicited by the PriceX staff and Advisory Board prior to the annual meeting at which it is presented, and the Advisory Board then selects the recipient.

For additional information about Dr. Kolassa or Medical Marketing Economics, please phone 662.281.0502 or send an e-mail message to info@m2econ.com.


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