ISPOR Pricing Short Course with Jack Mycka and Renato Dellamano at 17th Annual European Congress

  • Brian Thurlow

Montclair, NJ ― October 2, 2014 ― Jack Mycka, Global President and CEO of MME®, LLC, will join with Renato Dellamano, Ph.D., President of MME Europe and ValueVector, Milan, Italy, to offer a course, Elements of Pharmaceutical/Biotech Pricing, at ISPOR’s 17th Annual European Congress to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 8-12, 2014.

Elements of Pharmaceutical/Biotech Pricing will give participants a basic understanding of the key terminology and issues involved in pharmaceutical pricing decisions. It will cover the tools to build and document product value, including issues, information, and processes employed (including pricing research); the role of pharmacoeconomics; and the differences in payment systems that help to shape pricing decisions.  These tools will be further explored through a series of interactive exercises. This course is designed for those with limited experience in the area of pharmaceutical pricing and will cover topics within a global context.

For more information on the conference, please visit the ISPOR Web site.

For additional information about these courses or Medical Marketing Economics®, please contact us at 662.281.0502 or via e-mail at

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