COVID-19 disruption to oncology practices and patients

  • Kevin Patterson
  • Carlton Sedberry

As a service to our biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing clients, MME conducted an online survey last month to assess COVID-19’s impact on practice dynamics and patient treatment options for independent and hospital-affiliated oncology practices.

The survey leveraged the insight of 51 oncologists from our vendor panel to evaluate effects from COVID-19 precautions. The following topics were discussed:

  • impact on practice dynamics
  • impact on practice’s participation in clinical trials
  • impact on practice’s revenues

The result of this study highlight key factors affecting the market including:

  • Nearly 80% of physicians reported moderate to severe disruptions. Impacts included: decreases in patient volume, absenteeism of staff (physicians, nurses, admin), delivery issues related to lab supplies. Issues affecting masks and gloves were reported to be the most disruptive.
  • Around 70% of physicians reported an increase in the use of telemedicine for phone consultations and appointment rescheduling.
  • 52% of physicians reported using an alternative site such as a home or outpatient hospital to provide active therapy.
  • Practices reported that 46% of their clinical trials have been paused or discontinued due to the pandemic.
  • On average, physicians estimate practices to continue to operate for six to seven months if pandemic dynamics continue.

As oncology practices adapt to the post-COVID-19 climate, developing grounded assumptions for changes to practice patterns will be critical for understanding PRMA implications.  Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss these results and evaluate the implications for your product.

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