COVID-19 EU5 Payer Survey

  • Jack Mycka
  • William Lobb

With this EU5 report, we augment our recent US payer surveys to better understand COVID-19’s current and future impact on the global payer community.  MME conducted a virtual advisory board with seven EU5 payers/payer advisors in late March. We focused on the following topics:

  • Cost containment being re-evaluated (up and down)
  • Current and future levels of biopharmaceutical evaluations could become more critical due to budget impact
  • Supply chains are evolving

The study results highlight key factors affecting the market including:

  • Budgets are adjusting real-time to address needs, with reconciliation to occur later.  Product decisions today could be judged in a different context later.
  • Resource disparity and cost containment measures yielded different pandemic responses across markets. Future increased scrutiny could resolve issues, but could changing budgets and actions alter the context in which your product is judged?
  • Supply chains are expected to become more controlled; this may benefit locally sourced drugs in the future.
  • The shifting of budget spend and focus may lead to greater challenges from payers focused on the actual incremental value provided by any new treatment.

Download the topline summary of findings.

Many times, it’s critical to develop grounded PRMA assumptions for the EU5 and beyond, both for products in development and in market.  

Schedule a virtual meeting to discuss these results and evaluate implications to your product.

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