COVID-19 Update

  • Brian Thurlow

At MME, we have engaged with our clients virtually for over 15 years and while we routinely travel to our clients, we have the ability to engage through video conferencing, teleconferencing, email, and other means.  In addition, we have now instituted “flex” hours for the entire company, which enables us to meet outside of normal business hours for clients that are now faced with work from home situations.

As you think about the COVID-19 potential impact on your clinical trials and timeline, we can assist you with gaining a clearer understanding of strategic implications to your developmental and in-market assets.  One of the ways we are doing this is by launching a series of Payer projects designed to gauge, through first-hand insights, opportunities, and challenges that may be faced in the coming months. In this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that MME stands ready to continue to support your ongoing and emerging needs and are happy to discuss your questions and possible approaches.

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