MME is pleased to announce the addition of Dave Evans as an MME partner.

  • Brian Thurlow

Through his more than 20 years of industry experience with US and foreign-based manufacturers, Dave has developed and supported pricing, reimbursement, and market access decisions for launch brands as well as managed life cycle reimbursement issues for multiple products. Dave will support MME’s clients by helping them identify, frame, and communicate value. His experience in developing market access strategies for multiple launch brands in the US and EU will enable clients to capture their products’ value. 

In addition, Dave has built pricing and payer marketing teams and led the development of payer analytics, which include segmentation, forecasting, performance benchmarking, and contract decision support systems. He has also been responsible for portfolio and operational planning initiatives. With such a diverse background, he is able to find answers to critical questions and, ultimately, assist clients with anticipating and navigating the needs and demands of the market and important company stakeholders.

The pharmaceutical industry experience Dave gained at Parke-Davis®, sanofi-aventis®, Daiichi-Sankyo®, and Sunovion® served as a catalyst for the real-world expertise he delivered to clients while founding Access Navigation, LLC, and will now continue to offer at MME.

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